Strategic Planning

So what does “The Marketing Department” do?

A lot. Sure, it’s all about product awareness and lead generation, but there’s more involved. A solid marketing strategy, either for a product that’s already loose in the wild or in development, can make or break it.


And that’s true even for the best products, which can fall by the wayside while lesser versions rack up worldwide sales. Why? Poor website optimization, inadequate mobile integration, content that doesn’t convert—and the list goes on and on.


Our team knows those pitfalls and comes with a diverse set of skills to provide a strategy that relies on multiple tactics that create awareness and interest, allow for easy access, promote sales and build consumer loyalty.


Digital Audit

Just as annual physicals are a great idea for humans, your digital marketing setup should get scoped for best health. One of our first moves is to look at what you’re doing to see what’s working, then recommend proven, practical solutions to enhance those efforts.

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Inbound Marketing

We know how to catch consumers’ attention, and that’s just the start. Next up comes content, images, video and more to create an online experience that converts those visitors to customers and loyal advocates.

Marketing Strategy

We know how much everyone doesn’t love meetings. That’s why when we sit down to plan your digital presence and marketing strategy, we make it fun. It’s amazing how time flies when you’re throwing around big ideas, and we’re taking those and converting them into actionable offerings around specific messages to a defined set of customers.



The desktop website should work with the mobile site, and social media should play nicely with the app. Our skilled team makes sure all that is happening behind the scenes, so you and your customers get an easy, engaging experience.

Project Management

Got questions? You’ll know exactly who to contact on our team because you’ll have a dedicated campaign strategist who is embedded in your business and understands your needs before you do. On track and on time is their mission, giving you peace of mind.


Channel Marketing

It’s a big, online world out there. To win it, you’ve got to slice and dice your marketing messages to go after specific subsets of your desired customer base. We know how to turn one into many, putting all the different facets of your products and services on display through email, social media, pay-per-click advertising, blogs, and more.

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