Signage: It’s All About The Brand

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Written by BradyO
May 9, 2018

Signage: It’s All About The Brand

While driving, road signs caution you on speed levels as well as the state of the road ahead. Office signs show the location of the washroom, departments and safety precautions. Walk around town, and you get accosted by a myriad of signage with shops competing to outdo each other.

Signage defined

A sign is a graphical image placed strategically to inform the masses. Signage raises awareness to safety, directs people where to go and promotes business. Sellers of products or services use signs to increase consumer awareness. Once prospective customers see them, they develop a desire to get the product or go for the service in question.

Voicing the brand

Consumers identify companies with what they sell, i.e. the brand. If people trust your image, they want to buy more from you. However, even with a superior product, you may still experience low sales. Perhaps you did not convey the information desirably and understandably. Your business logo is the face of the company. We can call this its personality. The act of taking the image out there for people to see is tantamount to giving your brand a voice.

Target market

Signage helps your target audience recognize a brand. Just as a road sign helps a driver know of a sharp bend, signs become synonymous with the products they represent. By consistently bombarding people with well-crafted signage, you connect with customers more and get to reach those that had not heard about you earlier. To sum up, the brand dictates the nature of signage used.


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