My Pure Life – case study

CASE STUDIESSeptember 3rd


My Pure Life (MPL) is a multifaceted meal-delivery service providing high-quality, nutritionally dense meals to consumers while also offering meal planning, health coaching and movement plans.

Social Link began working with MPL in 2018, rolling out a broad array of services that included a refreshed and more fully optimized website, logo, blog management, social media and paid advertising.

Finding The Problem

Our first goal was to dig into MPL’s current online status and market visibility, so we performed a forensic audit of their website and social media metrics. We uncovered the following issues:

  • Stale, stagnant content
  • Declining Sales
  • Declining loyal customer retention
  • Over-reliance on partners (vendors and influencers) to drive new revenue
  • Extreme under-utilization of expensive sales software

The Social Link team then met with MPL for a discovery session to outline and map out MPL’s priorities, goals, and growth plans for the next 3-5 years. This is where we defined the company’s:

  • Top Business Priorities
  • Sales Goals
  • Ideal Marketing Strategy

Following this, Social Link launched into a series of projects to address the problems uncovered in the audit, while also incorporating MPL’s growth and strategy goals.

Crafting The Solution


  • Tighter and more audience-targeted website content utilizing SEO and consumer data to not only convert first-time visitors to consumers and also drive loyalty and deepen engagement.
  • An inbound strategy utilizing social channels, blog content, email marketing and customer engagement to attract new customers.
  • New tracking capabilities and reports to maintain in-the-moment data for capturing
    optimization opportunities.

Achieving Measurable Results


Social Link’s strategy worked. Within a six-month period, MPL saw a jump in user visits, new and repeat client engagement and more:


Standout and be memorable.

Website & App Development

Build higher converting and engaging experiences.

Social Advertising

Generate buzz and awareness.

Google Ads


20% increase in clicks (year over year)
12.6% increase in CTR (year over year)
50.5% increase in conversions (year over year)
25.5% increase in conversion rate (year over year)
25.2% decrease in cost per conversion (year over year)



2% increase in bottom line sales (year over year)
9% increase in orders (year over year)
18.57% total online store conversion rate through full
funnel (one of the best in client’s industry)
32% increase in new-customer acquisition

Return On Investment (ROI)


147.69% ROI from marketing spend investment