PLUUG Chargers

The Challenge

Pluug is a company specializing in electronic vape accessories. Their main product is the Pluug charger, which can quickly charge a JUUL, vape, or e-cigarette device without compromising all of a phone’s battery power. Their chargers fit both iPhones and Androids. Social Link partnered with Pluug to bring this brand to life online, from the ground up! The deliverables included packaging, branding, product photography, social content, and videos.

We started with a brainstorming session and initial meeting to outline Pluug’s priorities, goals, and growth plans over the next 3-5 years. With their wants, needs, and goals in place, we launched into a series of projects to create Pluug’s online presence and determine a proper marketing strategy.

The Results

Social Link’s digital marketing work with Pluug was a surefire success. They started with a product and not much else, and through our collaboration, the brand and business came to life. Sales flourished and product awareness grew substantially. Website hits and social media followers increased. The team at Pluug was thrilled with the high-caliber quality of work we produced, and we enjoyed providing them with fresh content and a bold new look.

What We Did

-Website Design
-Packaging Design
-Product Photography
-Social Content
-Print Material

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