Paid Ads and SEO Specialist

This internal and client-facing position involves executing and optimizing paid media strategies for all Social Link accounts.


Platforms used include but are not limited to Google AdWords, Amazon, Microsoft AdCenter, LinkedIn Ads, Facebook Ads, Bid Management tools, Ad copy generators, Google Analytics, Shopify, and WordPress.


Job Description

Through keyword development, audience, targeting strategies, and structure improvement, this position will meet and exceed all expectations set by upper management. Success is based on optimizing all areas involved with SEM, ROAS, and delivering compared to historical CPA goals set by our KPI’s. This role will also be responsible for creating ad copy and landing page copy for paid search marketing, alone or in conjunction with the content writing team and management. Tracks conversions and measures operating and financial metrics. Compiles and analyzes data to refine paid search marketing strategies. Supports other groups in the marketing department with creating and enhancing business process solutions and data measures. Develops new operating metrics for measuring success and ROI values. You will also be responsible for audits, creating new strategies, and informing clients of next steps.


  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly optimization of accounts, campaigns, ad groups, ads, keywords, and landing pages.
  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly audits across all areas of SEM.
  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly reporting at the highest and most granular of levels.
  • Budget management focused around maximizing our efforts down to the single dollar.
  • Decreasing non-optimal spend per channel, marketing, disorder, audience, keyword, etc.
  • Maintains daily operations and functioning of Paid Search platforms.
  • Operating within set strategy and campaign structure while always pushing to achieve better results.
  • Research and strategy to improve campaigns from ad positions to market placement/position.
  • Monitors and adjusts bidding strategy.
  • Writes ad copy and landing page copy for paid search marketing.
  • Tracks conversions from paid search through calls, Salesforce, and other Acadia data systems.
  • Analyses data from paid search marketing to refine strategy.
  • Works on related paid and organic marketing projects as needed.
  • Execute project tasks, deliver based on set timelines, and communicate effectively.
  • Communicate project status and deliverables with co-workers, managers, and staff at Acadia facilities.
  • Continuously strives for quality improvement by identifying issues, opportunities, and solutions.
  • Social media posting, scheduling, and reporting.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in marketing, or related field.
  • 3 years’ experience working with AdWords, AdCenter, FB Business Manager.
  • 3 years’ experience with Google Analytics.
  • 3 years’ experience writing ad copy and landing page copy.
  • 3 years’ experience of complex data analysis, strategy optimization, and EXCEL.
  • Self-motivated with strong organizational skills and superior attention to detail.
  • Ability to work professionally with sensitive, proprietary data & information while maintaining confidentiality.
  • Flexibility and eagerness to identify, learn, and use new and changing technologies
  • Must be able to manage multiple tasks/projects simultaneously within inflexible time frames. Ability to adapt to frequent priority changes.
  • Capable of working within established policies, procedures, and practices prescribed by the organization.
  • English sufficient to provide and receive instructions/directions.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills including the ability to interact effectively and professionally with individuals at all levels; both internal and external.

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We love to help businesses succeed by offering fair rates that are not out of reach. We want to help them compete with the 'big guys' when it comes to digital strategy. By allowing our employees the flexibility to work from home we do not pass on the traditional costs of an agency. Our workers are also very happy so we get some of the best in the field.

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