Account Manager

Job Description:

Social Link is currently looking for an Account Manager to help our clients continue to be successful by providing them with the best marketing services aligned with their company goals. Below is a review of the general activities this role will require on an independent schedule.What does an Account Manager do?
The Account Manager, and wider account management team, is the bridge between the client and the virtual marketing department. They are responsible for ensuring that the virtual marketing department is meeting the client’s needs and working with all the key functions that go into creating the virtual marketing departments advertising output including web development and digital channels. They are constantly solving problems, managing internal and external communications, analyzing reports and driving projects to completion.

The Lowdown

  • Ensuring the agency is meeting the client’s needs
  • Solving problems within the account management team
  • Managing internal and external communications
  • Task management of projects and team according to deadlines
  • Managing the creative and technical requests
  • Work with Creative Director on major accounts


  • Pay range: $20-$30/hr depending on experience
  • 2+ years experience in an agency environment or marketing department

The position involves:

  • Be organized, with strong attention to detail and time management skills
  • Flourish when working within a team of different people
  • Be an effective communicator, both verbally and in writing
  • Be an effective communicator, both verbally and in writing
  • Be flexible, and able to solve problems
  • Be resilient and positive in difficult situations
  • Be able to juggle competing demands from clients and the agency
  • Be responsible for managing the client relationship through effective communication, problem solving, and responding to requests
  • Take client communication briefs in Hubspot and assign individual members with task and deadlines
  • Have strong presentation skills
  • Ensure that project deadlines and budgets are met, communicating and seeking approval of any changes to these
  • Identify ways to grow client accounts through new business opportunities
  • Keep the team and the client up to date with useful knowledge with weekly and monthly reporting
  • Maintain accurate records of meetings, decisions and next actions
  • Work with the finance team or department to manage projects budgets and bookkeeping
  • Some travel for trade shows, account meetings and events. All expenses covered.
  • Using HubSpot as a CRM to track your communication with the account stakeholders
  • Schedule and execute interviews with other contractors to fill skillsets needed for projects and client tasks
  • Manage resources for projects and campaigns for Social Link brand and special account programs
  • Identify areas to introduce automation communication and implement with Social Link creatives and Hubspot development

To perform in this role, you’ll need a combination of these skills and qualifications:

  • Collaborative, fast-moving, and comfortable with change
  • Excited to go above and beyond for customers
  • Ability to assess account needs and identify gaps
  • Leadership experience
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Able to build rapport and establish credibility with account stakeholders
  • Basic management and financial knowledge
  • STRONG skill-sets and skills for working remote. Some office time required.

Key Components:

1. Nurture the client relationship.

Remember the personal side of business relationships. Take the time to pay attention to the rhythm and flow of your client’s life in its entirety. Remember the details of the last conversation you had with them, their favorite pastimes, the information they’ve taken the time to share with you–and do it in a way that’s authentic and natural to you.

2. Impart knowledge.

Customers and clients look to us to provide something they don’t have, whether that’s a particular kind of expertise or a specific kind of service or solution. We do them a disservice, however, when we try harder to sell to them than we do to inform them. Consider every contact an opportunity to bring something of value to them. After all, they paid for it.

3. Be transparent and communicative.

This is especially true for timelines and budgets. Remember – we’re all on the same side.

4. Don’t stop learning.

Stay on top of industry trends and be aware of what’s rocking your client’s world. Stock price up? Executive shake-down in the headlines? New competitor gaining ground? Stay informed. Identify pain points before your clients do.

5. Be accountable to your client and hold your client to their own organization and goals.

Short-term wins are sometimes just that – quick fixes that ultimately fix nothing. When faced with pressures to go off-course, do your client a favor and ask them if this makes sense, now and in the long term. Help them build the case for doing the right thing.

6. Never, never do something for, or sell something to a customer or client if you know it’s wrong for them.

We all love getting credit for growing the business, but it should never come at the expense of a client relationship. Stickier still is when your client wants to take a direction that’s not aligned with their own organization’s goals. (See rule #5.) Account management is about building relationships for the long haul. Sometimes that means having difficult conversations – with your client and within your own organization.

7.Grooming and Growing your Key Accounts
  • Make your Key Accounts look good [isn’t that Grooming] in front of their customers.
  • Share ideas for improving your clients business.
  • Get your customers to stand out from their competition.
  • Be creative. Crack some of their pestering problems.
  • Create new opportunities for your business.
  • Don’t sell on price. Sell on value
  • Act and work like a partner. And not like a vendor.
  • Invest your time, energy and resource to grow the account.
  • Get to know their strategies, next moves, new products, innovations before the market gets to know them.
  • Service, Sacrifice and Satisfaction are the routes to success.
  • Be there before they need you.
  • Be one of them.
  • Laugh with them. Eat with them. Play with them. Whatever you do, build TRUST

Strive to take a systematic approach to managing key interactions with your most important clients and customers. When you work to provide them better service and value, you build healthier relationships. And that’s better for everyone.

Will I need a qualification?

Experience in the field of accounts for advertising agencies will be the most invaluable asset to an application, but agencies are always looking to diversify their available skill sets, so qualifications in arts, languages and sciences are all valued in this role.

What’s the best route in?

Account Managers have usually gained some previous agency experience, typically as an Account Executive. Some may transition into the role from other disciplines such as project management, or from a marketing role at a client organization.

Where might the role take me?

Account Managers can go on to become account directors, before progressing into agency management roles. These promotions will come as a result of delivering excellent work for the client, managing effective relationships both externally and internally, finding new business, and demonstrating a passion for the role. Having gained experience of the communications process, some Account Managers decide to take a different career direction and transition into other agency disciplines such as account planning.


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For more information on job roles in the creative industries, take a look at Social Link job roles. This is not an employment offer but an independent contractor agreement. However, our contracting employees are highly valued applications for full time employment.

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We do not adhere to the traditional agency business model as we have been a full remote agency since 2008 and continue to innovate the marketing agency space. We are headquartered out of Nashville TN but there is no need for you to relocate because all of our workers work out of their home. There are times where we may have to physically get in a room but this is less than 25% of the time. 

We love to help businesses succeed by offering fair rates that are not out of reach. We want to help them compete with the 'big guys' when it comes to digital strategy. By allowing our employees the flexibility to work from home we do not pass on the traditional costs of an agency. Our workers are also very happy so we get some of the best in the field.

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