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Your Website Will Probably Break Soon

website security update

No More Mixed Messages About HTTPS Below is a press release posted on the Chrome blog. We highly encourage our clients to consider whether their site has been updated to prevent ‘stuff’ from breaking due to lacking the proper security being promoted by Google Chrome. Please contact us if you need help with understanding your…

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ADA Compliant Website and Risk Mitigation 101

Thumbs up for having an ADA compliant website!

ADA Compliant Website and Risk Mitigation 101 Is your business’s website ADA compliant? Creating an ADA compliant website for your organization is a necessity! This is both for a better user experience and to mitigate the risk of legal repercussions.  In this article, Social Link delves into the ins and outs of ADA compliance. Use…

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Diversity and Inclusion in Marketing

diversity marketing agency

Current Events in Diversity and Inclusion in Marketing  Diversity and inclusion in marketing have always been important. However, due to the current cultural climate and pandemic, these elements are even more of a focus for marketers than ever before.  Why now? Lily Zheng, a diversity, equity, and inclusion consultant explains it best, poignantly writing in…

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3 Tips for Building a Healthcare Website that Works

A guide to healthcare digital marketing More than ever, consumers are making healthcare decisions online—and that means healthcare digital marketing is more important than ever. An astounding 89 percent of internet users search for health information online, according to iHealthBeat. 55 percent of users will even use the internet to find a specific medical treatment…

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Social Links Joins Clutch’s Directory of the Best Marketing Agencies

Social Links Joins Clutch’s Directory of the Best Marketing Agencies We’re proud to announce that we’ve been listed as one of 2018’s Best Marketing Agencies by Clutch, the nation’s leading ratings and reviews platform for B2B service providers. Even more thrilling, we’ve received a perfect 5-star rating from clients in the Clutch listings! (A sample…

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Thank You from a VirtualAF CEO

“You’ve got to start with the customer experience and work backwards to the technology.” As Social Link grows and drives forward with a beta launch of its first software product since the beginning in 2009, it seems like now is a good time to revisit our vision as Jobs brought to light in this video.…

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10 Web Development Strategies for Nashville Businesses

10 Web Development Strategies for Nashville Businesses  More than 90 percent of internet businesses fail. Here are the factors that will help the best Nashville websites beat the odds. You need to make sure that your website stands out in a faceless sea of dot-coms. How? It takes informed web development, inspired web design, and…

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Nashville App Development: Our Next Big Industry Focuses on App Development

App Development is the Next Big Nashville Industry Mobile development goes hand-in-hand with all the Music City’s existing strengths. The best apps are the ones you never think about. That doesn’t mean they’re unknown—it means those apps that have become so seamlessly integrated into daily routines that people use them without conscious thought. Calling a…

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Top Three Best Attorney Sites in Nashville

Top Three Best Attorney Sites in Nashville Did you know that boredom has been shown to make people 144% less attractive? Or that boredom actually caused the sinking of the Titanic? What about boredom being the number one reason the world is running out of pencils at an alarming rate? Ok, so while those might…

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How to Make A Marketing Dashboard that CEOs Care About  

How to Make A Marketing Dashboard that CEOs Care About     Keep track of what’s under the hood              You don’t drive a car with just the foot pedals and steering wheel—you need the dashboard to feed you actionable numbers about your speed, fuel level, and rpm, so you can keep things running smoothly…

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