Sales Navigator and Why it’s One of the Best Selling Tools

  Getting the Most Out of LinkedIn Sales Navigator The better your network, the better your sales. This is what social selling is all about—and, thanks to lead generation platforms like DiscoverOrg and ZoomInfo, it’s gone beyond combing through profiles to see which of your friends went to college with that SVP you’ve been courting.…

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Marketing Lessons From the Music Industry

What Brand Marketers Can Learn From Jack White As a virtual marketing agency, the Social Link team lives and works all around this great country (and beyond)… but our home office is right here in Nashville, and as digital marketers we’re always inspired by the music business. Nobody connects with an audience like Nashville artists!…

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How Facial Recognition and iPhone X Changes Marketing

How iPhone X’s Facial Recognition Will (and Won’t) Change Marketing The iPhone X is (almost) here. And it’s got smoother bezels! And a nicer camera! And it retails for approximately $400 more than your iPhone 8. And if you’re not sure how you feel about that… Well, the iPhone X will soon know exactly how…

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Possibilities vs. Pain Points: Which Message is Better?

Crafting your message for inbound marketing

  When you’re developing a message for inbound marketing, is it better to address pain points or suggest possibilities? We explore different marketing message approaches to test conversions. Consider two different approaches to the same product. Keep Watch On Your Pets 24/7 With PetLook Does your dog bark as much as the neighbors say? Are…

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Virtual Genius: Why More Great Talent is Working Remotely

Social Link Working Remote

Why More Employees are Going Virtual… And Why That’s Great For Your Business Digital marketing is an increasingly complex business, and the masters of the trade are in high demand. With many opportunities to move to large agencies or small, more and more of these top employees are electing to do neither. Instead, they’re going…

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3 Tools for Finding and Interacting with Your Market Online

Social Link Finding Your Market

How to Use Free Online Tools to Identify and Target Prospects Online Identifying and targeting your market online takes time and the right toolset. Make sure that you are reaching your intended audience by engaging a marketing agency in Nashville and by using free online tools to cut through the noise and find qualified leads…

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Elements of Web Design

Designing a quality website is often a task best left to the professionals. This is because when it comes to designing a new website, there are many individual tasks that must be managed properly in order to give you the final product you have been looking for: a really fantastic website. Let’s take a look…

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