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3 Facebook Advertising Agency Tips

All too often as marketers, we hear clients and potential clients say that Facebook Ads don’t work for their business. Maybe they believe that, in their industry, social media isn’t useful or maybe they’re one of the oldschoolers that thinks that social media marketing is a hoax in general. There are a million different things…

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Content is King: Digital Storytelling Basics

In a rapidly evolving digital environment, producing high-quality content is more important than ever. Good content tells a story, which enables your business to connect with a wider audience, share new ideas, and stand out from the crowd.   Make Your Brand into a Story First things first: your organization needs to tell a story.…

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Instagram Launches New ‘@Shop’ Account: What It Means for Retailers

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Instagram recently unveiled its latest development in the push toward a more e-commerce oriented platform: @shop. But while the social media giant has released groundbreaking shoppable features in the past, @shop doesn’t appear to be anything revolutionary. That’s because it’s simply an Instagram account (run by the IG team). In this article, we’ll break down…

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Social Link Named a Top 25 Website Design Company by DesignRush

In recognition of our commitment to superior website design, Social Link has been named a Top Website Design Company on DesignRush. As a comprehensive directory for digital agencies, DesignRush has the ability to assess thousands of web design companies. Their analysis placed Social Link among the best in the business, earning a spot on their…

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Thank You from a VirtualAF CEO

“You’ve got to start with the customer experience and work backwards to the technology.” As Social Link grows and drives forward with a beta launch of its first software product since the beginning in 2009, it seems like now is a good time to revisit our vision as Jobs brought to light in this video.…

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Social Advertising: Why Instagram Is Beating Facebook

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Why Instagram Is Beating Facebook Despite the prevalence of social media advertising, the most popular platforms never seem to get the best reputation, even amongst their avid users. Twitter is viewed with skepticism. YouTube is the wild west of the comments sections. And Facebook is in the business of making people feel horrible about their…

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4 Brands Using Social Media Marketing Video

As social media marketing evolves to include engaging video, brands are jumping at the opportunity to create new ways to interact with customers on platforms like Vine and Instagram. Using video in social media marketing increases content consumption and share rates, which results in increased brand awareness and higher levels of engagement. Take a look…

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Six Marketing Lessons from Social Media Influencers

All brands and marketing companies can learn something from the current generation of social media influencers. To most, they may just be just YouTubers or Instastars. But in the world of marketing, social media influencers are savvy, entrepreneurial individuals who are capitalizing on the opportunities afforded to them in the digital age. Target one primary…

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How New Musicians Can Benefit from Inbound Marketing

New musicians are in a vicious cycle. They can’t get people to listen to their music because it’s not being promoted, and nobody will promote their music because it’s not being listened to. However, there’s no reason to despair and hang up the six strings just yet. One of the most popular ways new musicians…

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Your Brand’s Many Voices: Adapting Your Brand Message to Various Marketing Channels

Make Your Brand Standout It’s not exactly news that your website’s users spend more time than ever before on smartphones and tablets, and that companies are responding by investing ever-bigger chunks of their digital marketing budgets on mobile advertising. Bluntly, if you haven’t optimized your company’s website for use across multiple devices—not to mention established…

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