Content is King: Digital Storytelling Basics

In a rapidly evolving digital environment, producing high-quality content is more important than ever. Good content tells a story, which enables your business to connect with a wider audience, share new ideas, and stand out from the crowd.   Make Your Brand into a Story First things first: your organization needs to tell a story.…

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Instagram Launches New ‘@Shop’ Account: What It Means for Retailers

iPhone X sitting on table with screen on

Instagram recently unveiled its latest development in the push toward a more e-commerce oriented platform: @shop. But while the social media giant has released groundbreaking shoppable features in the past, @shop doesn’t appear to be anything revolutionary. That’s because it’s simply an Instagram account (run by the IG team). In this article, we’ll break down…

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Thank You from a VirtualAF CEO

“You’ve got to start with the customer experience and work backwards to the technology.” As Social Link grows and drives forward with a beta launch of its first software product since the beginning in 2009, it seems like now is a good time to revisit our vision as Jobs brought to light in this video.…

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3 Classic Rules of Selling for Everyone

3 Classic Rules of Selling for Everyone I remember I once asked one of my mentors who had spent his entire career in sales if he ever minded the bad reputation that seems to follow salesmen everywhere they go. He never carried himself like the typical salesman, and remains to this day one of the…

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Blockchain: What it Means for Healthcare Marketing

If there was an award for biggest buzzword, right now it would be given to blockchain. From bitcoin to voting procedures, blockchain promises to revolutionize every industry under the sun. This includes one of the costliest and most important industries that affects everyone – health care. Let’s get one thing out of the way first,…

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Virtual Marketing Departments Are the Future. Here’s Why.

What comes to your mind when someone mentions a market? Of course, you will visualize a place where suppliers have brought their wares for sale and consumers flock to pick and buy what they need. That is as far as a non-specialist would go. From a professional marketing perspective, the marketplace involves more than buying…

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8 Reasons To Hire A Virtual Marketing Agency

Running business operations requires much effort and time. It could leave you exhausted and at times, you end up with little or no enthusiasm. To avoid burning out just when you badly need results, you need to outsource some of the critical functions. Presently, everyone has embraced digital technology, and if your entity is not…

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Virtual Marketing Agency: Get The Talent – Not The Price Tag

Whether you are operating as an individual, or a company, one of the important goals you might have is to get clients worthy of your time and service. As such, sitting in your office or any other workstation and doing nothing will not guarantee you such clients –you need to look for the right clients.…

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