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social media marketing agency

Social Link is the social media marketing agency that you’ve been looking for. A social media marketing agency has the ability to take your brand to the next level. Social Link is a social media marketing agency with the expertise your business needs. We specialize in everything from social media management and website design to…

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10 Marketing Analogies to Use for This Image

10% is what you see…90% is what holds it up. Success is only the tip of the iceberg… You may know me, but you have no idea who I am. We only see what’s on the surface. IQ / EQ A Film / A Book What I Say / What I Think Conscious Mind vs…

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ADA Compliant Website and Risk Mitigation 101

Thumbs up for having an ADA compliant website!

ADA Compliant Website and Risk Mitigation 101 Is your business’s website ADA compliant? Creating an ADA compliant website for your organization is a necessity! This is both for a better user experience and to mitigate the risk of legal repercussions.  In this article, Social Link delves into the ins and outs of ADA compliance. Use…

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Diversity and Inclusion in Marketing

diversity marketing agency

Current Events in Diversity and Inclusion in Marketing  Diversity and inclusion in marketing have always been important. However, due to the current cultural climate and pandemic, these elements are even more of a focus for marketers than ever before.  Why now? Lily Zheng, a diversity, equity, and inclusion consultant explains it best, poignantly writing in…

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Digital Marketing Strategies for Nonprofits

Nonprofits, unite! Mission-based organizations often face limited budgets, few resources, and multiple critical audiences when it comes to marketing. We understand. The good news is there are plenty of inexpensive ways to rock digital marketing as a nonprofit. Before we get into the nitty-gritty details, we should mention that Social Link has a history of…

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Digital Marketing for Small Businesses

Learn how to efficiently market your company—no matter the size. Size doesn’t matter. Your business might not be large, but that doesn’t mean your company isn’t powerful. Small yet mighty, right? Regardless of your employee headcount or years in business, you should have a digital marketing plan in place.  Last year, 95% of small businesses…

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10 Digital Marketing Tips for 2020

1.Optimize your mobile site. If you haven’t already optimized your mobile site, you need to put it at the top of your to-do list. People are spending more time on their mobile devices than ever before. US consumers spend more time using their mobile devices than watching TV.  “We’ve expected that mobile would overtake TV…

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Google Ads Grant for Non-Profits: $10K per month

Google Ad Nonprofit

Shout out to all non-profit organizations! Looking to enhance your advertising efforts without breaking the bank? You’ll be happy to learn that Google Ads has an initiative called the Google Grant Program. This amazing opportunity provides non-profits with a chance to advertise on their platform for free. Wait, For Real? Yep! Sounds made up, right?…

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Outsource Your Marketing Department with Social Link

Social Link allows you to outsource your marketing department to make life easier. We provide the virtual team of specialists you need to execute digital marketing strategies, meet your goals, and generate more revenue. By outsourcing your marketing services, you free up valuable time to focus on the other important aspects of running a business. …

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Paid Advertising: The Do’s and Don’ts

Often the failure of a company comes not from their products or service they offer, but a lack of understanding in the area of advertising. Understandably, crafting, and executing an effective marketing strategy is no easy task. Therefore, we’ve laid out some of the best do’s and don’ts to keep in mind when dealing with…

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