Tennessee Association for Home Care

Tennessee Association for Home Care - case study

The Tennessee Association for Home Care represents home health agencies, hospice organizations, personal support service agencies. The company needed an ambitious rebrand that communicated their mission, vision, and values. Social Link partnered with TAHC to develop a comprehensive plan for the company’s branding, marketing, and strategy over the next three years.



We started by creating an Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) Plan. This holistic plan redefined TAHC’s:


We developed an overarching strategy that pinpointed TAHC’s customer personas and SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, challenges). The customer personas—which included goals, demographics, psychographics, and values—formed an in-depth profile of TAHC’s potential members and buyers. The SWOT analysis, on the other hand, was an inward-looking report that identified key elements of TAHC’s current business. These concepts served as a foundation to guide TAHC’s marketing and branding efforts.


In addition to branding, we laid out a marketing game plan which included inbound methodology, content, and channel-specific initiatives. A full model was defined, which
included stages for attracting, converting, closing, and delighting TAHC’s customers.

For each stage, specific initiatives and activities were proposed to facilitate customer movement through the funnel. With this roadmap, we established a framework for:

Social Media

-Who? – Nurses, Volunteers, Home Health Care Agencies,
Aides, Patients, Patient Family Members
-What?– donate, contests, education opps, career
development, website resources, events for organic reach

-Who? – Administrators, CEOs, Board Members, Medical
Services/Supplier Reps
-What? – conferences, webinars, job listings, website
resources, benefits, call for keynotes and speakers

-Who? – Leads, non-members
-What?– conference recaps, non-member free recorded
webinars, how-to videos

Content & Keywords

Your Website – tahc-net.org
New domain name – this redirects to
Resource center
Product development for store (nurse mentoring toolkit)
Find a home care agency – search tool
SEO– get found by the right people you are targeting
Search Engines – your company and offer pages is shown at the top
Keywords – “Home care”, “volunteer home nurse”, “home health supplies”, “senior home care”, “caregiver”, “home care agency”, etc.
Quick wins – get found for your brand name, add a sitemap, metadata for each web page, link building on other websites like Guidestar Database, Keynote Speaker websites, etc.


Next, we proposed an integrated series of creative concepts to embody the branding transition. The creative included logos, brand positioning, and segmented messaging based on TAHC’s targeted customer personas. Many potential logos were presented, each striving for a more bold, modern design than TAHC’s existing logo.


Using the concepts from the IMC plan, we created a new website, brand manual, and marketing collateral. We then helped TAHC unveil the new brand at their annual trade show.


Tennessee Association for Home Care is very pleased with the outcome of the project. They’ve rated Social Link’s service with 5/5 stars, and we are continuing to work together on overall digital strategy. We now look forward to helping TAHC engage current subscribers and attract new ones using social media, paid search advertising, email and social.

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If you are looking for some awesome, knowledgeable people to work with,these are the guys
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