S7 LLC - case study

S7 is a manufacturing and distribution company providing rapid diagnostic testing kits for Coronavirus and Schistosomiasis.



When a global pandemic hits, crisis management goes into effect. That is what S7 stepped in to do when numbers showed no sign of slowing or flattening the curve. They contacted their rapid diagnostic testing facilities in Africa to change all manufacturing to the new COVID-19 rapid whole blood test, and reached out to Social Link to help publicize the word of their patent pending product that could help alleviate the lack of access to testing in the US.


Social Link quickly supplied S7 with a technical writer for copywriting, a consultant for a press release, and media distribution services nationwide to publicize their patent pending news and quick response to the virus.


78.4M – Total Audience Reach

5,900 – Original Press Release Views

163 Published News Networks

  • Associated Press
  • Yahoo Finance
  • Market Watch
  • Benzinga
  • Seeking Alpha
  • Business Insider

964 – Engagements (Clickthroughs, Downloads, Media Views)

41,900 – Google Search Engine Results Pages

Traditional Pickups in Television Network Nightly News & Radio

  • Fox
  • NBC
  • ABC

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