Chady PM

Chady PM - case study

Chady Property Management is a vacation-rental property management company that launched in 2018. It helps property owners maximize the value of their vacation homes in markets including Tennessee, Georgia and Minnesota.



No online presence
Chady needed a “start from scratch” approach to its online presence. As a new company, it had no digital footprint, no brand identity and even once a website was up and running it was not performing well in online searches, open ranking well past that all-important first page of Google results.


Build awareness, dive engagement
That meant crating a brand positioning and identity strategy and developing a strategic plan incorporating SEO and other methodologies to rapidly build a significant local search-engine presence.

Social Link’s team got to work and crafted

  • A deeper, more comprehensive website with fully functionality
  • A full brand identity and logo
  • Brand standards
  • Brand poisoning
  • An SEO strategy involving 140 unique keyword sets
  • Social media identites
  • Social media engagement strategies
  • CRM Automation and HubSpot forms
  • Print collateral for follow-up mailing and client engagement
  • A trackable online coupon allowed for more targeted user engagement and boosted sales


Within three months of these tactics being deployed, the Chady website was generating more than 100 quality leads. The site also is ranking on the first search page thanks to eight of 10 keyword targets creating lead conversion. Social media management via Facebook ads has resulted in a 287% increase in leads. Sales and marketing automation further educates potential clients prior, during and after lead closing, which boosted closes by an additional 58%.

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