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The iPhone is  a powerful tool when used to its full potential. Check out Social Link's 5 must-know beginner iPhone tips.

1 | Screenshot: By pressing down on your "middle/home" and your "top/lock"  button simultaneously you can take a shot of your entire screen...

2| Set a passcode: Setting a passcode is a necessity - cell phones carry sensitive personal information and photos. Setting a simple passcode can put your mind at ease upon losing your device...

3 | Download "Find My iPhone": This FREE app allows you to locate your stolen/misplaced device, lock or even wipe the entire device of all information...

4 | Battery Conservation: Keeping your WiFi and Bluetooth off are two very effective ways of extending the life of your iPhone. Other tactics include reducing screen brightness and closing excessive data using apps.

5 | Reducing data usage: Connecting your iPhone to your home, office or public WiFi can reduce the amount of data used on your plan. While connected to WiFi, your phone will not use your cell phone data plan.

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