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5 Tips for Marketing Your Business in the New Year

After a rough couple of years, the weary world is holding onto the promises of a new year and a fresh start in 2022. (Hopefully, it doesn’t turn into 2020 too, amiright?) As you know, more consumers are shopping online than ever before. And though the “giving season” will be over on January 1, now’s…

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5 Steps for Successful Holiday Marketing Campaigns

The holiday season is upon us—the most wonderful and BUSIEST time of the year, especially for those in e-commerce. By now, your holiday marketing campaigns should be well underway. Are your campaigns not leading to conversions as expected? Are you still dragging your feet on your holiday marketing strategy and don’t know where to start? Wherever you’re at in the process, don’t stress! Believe it or not, there’s still time to develop and run successful holiday marketing campaigns.

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Why Logos Are Imperative for Businesses

Before and After Logo

Why Logos Are Imperative for Businesses A well-designed brand logo is perhaps the most important, most under-rated advertising tool in your marketing strategy. Let me explain. Think about your favorite clothing brand, snack food, or automobile manufacturer. When you see that logo, you feel connected. In many ways, it represents you, defines you, and is…

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