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Remote Graphic Designers Guide: 10 Ways To Task Manage

As a remote graphic designer so much is at your disposal. Creating tremendous and helpful graphics by hand or computer software requires great skills. As a designer, you need to have a set of guidelines that will help you give your best in your job. Combining art and technology to come up with great images…

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Cool Businesses That Are Making Nashville a Hot Place to Live

Over the past ten years, Nashville has seen a population boom… and the country is taking notice. Major businesses, as well as trendy startups, have begun opening branches in the Music City attracting more and more creative and marketing talent. Here are just a few of the businesses that are making Nashville the cool new…

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5 Content Marketing Tips From Video Game Designs

When we’re not working hard for our clients, many of us at Social Link love playing video games. Not just because they—and they are—but because all the time we’re fighting zombies and bashing koopas with Mario, we’re also learning a lot about audience engagement. A website is doing very well if it keeps your attention…

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What High-Converting Landing Pages Get Right

Let’s say you’ve been assigned to build your company’s website—and you’ve definitely done your homework. You’re targeting potential customers through paid search and social ads, narrowing your audience by age, interests, and location. You’ve made sure your site is optimized for mobile and designed for hassle-free lead capture. Best of all, you’re offering customers ways…

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Inbound Marketing Skills to Master | Social Link Marketing

Inbound Marketing Skills You Need to Master Technology and social media has influenced not only how people interact with one another, but also how customers interact with businesses. Today’s customers do independent research, use search engines, and read up on products before they make first contact with a sales representative. As digital marketing continues to…

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