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How Facial Recognition and iPhone X Changes Marketing

How iPhone X’s Facial Recognition Will (and Won’t) Change Marketing The iPhone X is (almost) here. And it’s got smoother bezels! And a nicer camera! And it retails for approximately $400 more than your iPhone 8. And if you’re not sure how you feel about that… Well, the iPhone X will soon know exactly how…

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Possibilities vs. Pain Points: Which Message is Better?

Crafting your message for inbound marketing

  When you’re developing a message for inbound marketing, is it better to address pain points or suggest possibilities? We explore different marketing message approaches to test conversions. Consider two different approaches to the same product. Keep Watch On Your Pets 24/7 With PetLook Does your dog bark as much as the neighbors say? Are…

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Our Excitement is Contagious: Rebranding Eventagious

With more than thirty-two years in events planning, Leanne Joynes knows how to turn out a crowd. That’s why it was such a pleasure working with her to rebrand her event planning and management agency, Eventagious. She understands the power of social connections. “Eventagious is what happens when the word of mouth is so spectacular…

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Social Link Reinvents Retail For Lake It | Virtual Marketing Agency

lake it online retail store rebrand

Lake It Duluth Retail Reinventing Retail: A “Virtual Marketing Department” For an Up-and-Coming Lifestyle Brand In theory, online retail is an open game. In practice, major players still hold most of the cards. Large retailers can afford to build marketing expertise—and market share—without crushing their bottom line. So where does that leave startups? Possibly stronger…

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Virtual Genius: Why More Great Talent is Working Remotely

Social Link Working Remote

Why More Employees are Going Virtual… And Why That’s Great For Your Business Digital marketing is an increasingly complex business, and the masters of the trade are in high demand. With many opportunities to move to large agencies or small, more and more of these top employees are electing to do neither. Instead, they’re going…

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