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10 Important Social Metrics You Need to Watch

Choosing which social metrics you will follow can be a difficult choice. Part of the challenge lies in the fact that sales are not directly influenced by social media interactions, but they definitely help. Since following the numbers spit up by Facebook and Twitter is an inexact science, social media marketing comes down to following…

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50 Social Media Marketing Agency Tips for Small Businesses

The crux of marketing to people on social media is entertaining, valuable content. Yet viewers are fickle, and reaching customers can be all about employing the right strategy at the right time. Different social media sites provide different methods of engaging users. Twitter tries to pull people in and move them to another location to…

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Smile! How to Market With Personality

Consider what holds your own attention in a website. What about the services and personality of your favorite website has drawn you in time and again, giving you a digital home? Chances are you are involved with at least one website that has built a connection with you. The key to a successful online business…

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A Quick Guide to Optimizing Your website for Bing

Companies are so focused on the importance of optimizing their search results for Google, they often forget the power in including Bing in their online strategy. This could be a mistake, however, since last year Bing held nearly 20% of the search market. Bing may not surpass Google anytime soon, but while your competitors are…

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