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How Google’s Recent Changes Necessitate a Mobile-Friendly Site

Mobile-friendly technology is becoming more vital. By not having mobile capabilities, your website’s ranking decreases. More than half of internet traffic comes from mobile devices. As of today, none of the major search engines actually directly penalize you for not including mobile capabilities, but that seem soon to change. There are also many ways you…

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Meerkat, the Video-Based Social Media Site Companies Should Watch

The new social video app called Meerkat is quickly gaining popularity. You have likely heard of its incredible versatility. Launched in February earlier this year, it began gaining traction around the beginning of March. At the end of March, Meerkat already has more than 120,000 users. With this app, users stream live videos, uploading the…

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15 Link Building Ideas for Better SEO

I was recently working on a project where I had to really dive deep into the link building strategy for a particular client. While doing my research I ran across everything from tactics in 2006 that have thrown some website into a Google purgatory to all the white hat must dos in 2015.  I have always…

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