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The Power of Facebook Hashtags

The Power Of Facebook Hashtags for Businesses Big and Small   The use of the pound sign, or “hashtag,” to create internal links in status updates began with Twitter, where it helped users to find followers with similar interests, talk about events, and disseminate news quickly. Twitter and its users mastered the hashtag and the…

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What You Should Know About PPC and Retargeting

When it comes to retargeting, many marketers use search retargeting as their go-to strategy. There are a number of ways to strategize in this way, so make sure you’re diversifying as best you can. By the same token, pay per click (PPC) is another staple in online marketing strategies. But what is the best approach? Diversify by combining…

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Best Social Media Marketing Techniques

Social media is an enormously rewarding piece of any marketing strategy – it’s cheap, easy to enact, and is an excellent platform for client interactivity. The best thing about social media marketing is that it gives you the opportunity to use word of mouth, one of the most effective marketing tactics, online rather than in person. In this…

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Creating Web Content That Converts

Every marketer needs good content that converts. With any and all marketing strategies, it’s important to make sure that when searchers find your business, your content can convert them into buyers. Let’s talk about how this works. Consider your audience. What are you hoping to achieve with your web content? How are you affecting your…

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What Goes Into Good Graphic Design

Nobody is going to want to read your great content if it’s not delivered effectively. Your strategy should include great graphic design so that your content will shine. Design strategy is based around a few particular principles. The entire purpose of graphic design is to show the level of creativity that your business possesses. It’s…

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